Creative Spark Theatre Arts

Creative Spark Theatre Arts is an all-inclusive community arts organisation. with charitable status SCO46719.

We provide classes for all members of the community currently in three locations across East Dunbartonshire.

 Creative Spark began in 2015 with 42 students and has gone from strength to strength with 140 students currently attending. We teach all our classes in central locations within excellent church halls and community centres. There are 3 age groups LITTLE SPARKS 4-7 / BIG SPARKS 8-12 and our YOUTH COMPANY 13 +.

At Creative Spark pupils will experience all aspects of the world of theatre!

In our classes you will learn new skills in ACTING, DANCING and SINGING. All within a safe and nurturing environment. 

As an all-inclusive organisation with charitable status – we don’t have formal auditions – we are open to all  – for our classes all you have to do is turn up with lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new things.

We currently have 4 performances a year for our young students/pupils which are fully staged with professional lighting and sound.

All are fully costumed either from our extensive store or hired show specific from a professional supplier. Our sets are designed in-house with the aim to visually enhance our productions. Any additional rehearsal classes we put on when nearing “showtime” are free.

 At Creative Spark we are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to take part in our productions so there is no additional “production charge” for any participating student. 

Our classes provide much more than performance skills, our students grow in confidence, become excellent communicators and gain valuable team working skills.

Our classes are fun, relaxed, creative and supportive- if this sounds like the place for you please get in touch to book – your first session / class. REMEMBER  this is FREE – as we run as a taster — just to give you that confidence that CREATIVE SPARK THEATRE ARTS is the place for you.

Be Bold,

In the choices you make

Be Brave,

In trying things that challenge you, and trusting you can do it

Be You!

because you are unique, there is only one of you, celebrate it!

Every year we celebrate all our hardworking Sparks efforts by issuing specially designed medals and a certificate of achievement.

To instill passion, commitment and drive we have 4 distinct annual awards in line with our Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You ethos.

These awards are not necessarily given to our best performers but to the students who have been bold by throwing themselves into every class, who have been brave and taken up every challenge available and to the students who have been true to themselves.